Pacific Coast Avionics Receives Garmin Platinum Award

Dewey Conroy, vice president and COO, Pacific Coast Avionics, announced that the company had received Garmin’s 2019 Platinum Award for Elite Performance for the 25th consecutive year.

“Even though we have received this prestigious award each of the past 25-years, every time we receive the plaque, it becomes an even more special reason to celebrate the achievement,” Conroy said. “Knowing that we are among the very top sales performers out of Garmin’s 1,000-plus global dealers, makes receiving the award that much more special.”

Conroy said that Garmin’s wide array of products is one of the main reasons Pacific Coast Avionics continues its hold its place as a sales leader among all of Garmin’s global dealers.

“With products ranging from smartwatches to a broad selection of advanced avionics for experimental and certified aircraft, Garmin’s product line continues to be the preferred solution for so many of our customers,” he said. “When you put Garmin’s array of products in the hands of our talented installers and fabricators, the combination helps to make Pacific Coast Avionics the go-to shop for so many pilots and aircraft owners and builders.”

“Garmin takes great pride in its products, and everyone here at Pacific Coast Avionics takes equal pride in representing these outstanding products to our wide customer base,” he added. “With the way Garmin product line continues to set the standard for avionics performance, capabilities and value, we’re well on our way to making it 26 wins in a row.”

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