Pentagon 2000 Announces Version 9

Pentagon 2000 Software just released Pentagon 2000SQL version 9. The company says this new version includes a set of new user interface features as well as functional enhancements to the application.

Pentagon 2000 says the new look-and-feel is incorporated into the screens and menus that modernizes the interface while remaining instantly familiar to the user community around the world. Personalization features such as a favorites shortcut bar will provide an additional mechanism for fast navigation throughout the system that can be tailored to each user’s individual needs. A new set of graphical icons is provided that adhere to modern interface standards, and redesigned windows and tabs have rounded edges and shading that promote a shadow effect.

With a dedicated R&D lab, Pentagon 2000 Software continues to leverage the advantages of its partnerships with Microsoft and Intel. Utilization of the latest Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server technologies allow continuous development of new features. And support for Intel multi-processor and multi-core capabilities ensures that small business customers can achieve the lowest cost of ownership while larger enterprises can scale up their deployments in a non-disruptive and unrestricted way.

Functional enhancements to the system are included based on ongoing customer feedback. New modules for credit card processing and mobile computing on Apple iOS devices are integrated to provide users with an expanding set of new capabilities. Purpose-built mobile applications for iPhones & iPads that have integrated bar code support are available for inventory receiving, inventory cycle counting, Kanban Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Direct Line Feed (DLF), inventory picking, stock release, order status, inventory status, ILS, aircraft heavy maintenance, electronic labor collection, and flight operations.

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