Plane-Power Receives Expanded Eligibility for its FAA PMA Part Number r1224 Regulator Series that Updates Legacy jasco 12v/24v Aircraft Alternators

Keith Bagley, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies, LLC (HET), the parent company of Plane-Power alternators, announced today that the company had recently earned an FAA PMA for its new R1224J voltage regulator for use in Jasco alternator conversion kits.

“There are thousands of Jasco alternators currently in the field on all types of engines from legacy radials to newer-generation Continental and Lycoming engines,” Bagley said. “Unfortunately, as those original components age, their reliability goes down, and cost of ownership goes up.”

“By offering a voltage regulator with improved technologies, we are providing Jasco STC holders with a cost-effective path to upgrade to a solid-state voltage regulator that features integrated over-voltage, field short, and reverse-polarity protection,” he said. “Owners who upgrade will enjoy more reliability, performance, and value without the cost of a new alternator.”

He also pointed out another advantage to installing the new voltage regulator is the Jasco regulator and alternator can be serviced as required using the PMA’d replacement parts from Hartzell Engine Technologies, which will dramatically increase the reliability and dependability of the alternator.

“Because this upgrade applies to so many engine types, we’ve made the installation easier by incorporating the resistor into the alternator,” explained Brett Benton, HET’s VP of Market and Business Development. “In addition, because these voltage regulators are direct replacements for current units and require minimal modifications for the majority of installations, the upgrades can be accomplished quickly and cost-effectively.” Benton also said that these voltage regulators are available immediately through Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA), which, along with Aircraft Spruce, is a distributor for new and overhauled Jasco alternator components.

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