Premier Aircraft Announces First U. S. Diamond DA50 RG Retail Order at AirVenture 2021

Premier Aircraft Sales announced at Oshkosh AirVenture 2021 that it had signed an order for the first DA50 RG to be delivered in the U.S.  

The New England-based buyer said that he chose the new Diamond model for its unmatched cabin space, fuel efficiency, payload, and overall versatility.

According to Jeff Owen, Premier’s vice president of Sales, the new-generation DA 50 RG will deliver in Q4 2022 following the completion of the FAA’s validation of the European certification of the aircraft.

“The DA 50 RG is the latest addition to the successful Diamond model line-up and fills the need for a large cabin high-performance single-engine aircraft that customers have been asking for in this category of aircraft. And Diamond has more than delivered,” Owen stated. “The DA 50 RG, powered by a 300-hp Continental CDI-300, six-cylinder, turbo-diesel powerplant, provides the most spacious cabin in its class with seating for five and generous baggage space and capacity.”

“Carrying on with Diamond’s commitment to manufacturing the safest aircraft in general aviation, the DA50 RG incorporates all the hallmark features of Diamond Total Safety Concept, giving owners the knowledge that their airplane provides the demonstrated occupant safety features that will keep them and their passengers safe,” he added.

The airplane’s capability to operate on lead-free, environmentally friendly Jet-A1 fuel at consumption rates as low as nine (9) gph makes the DA50 RG unique among all its competitors. Diamond is committed to bringing to market a family of aircraft which offers the most modern composite construction methods, matched with the most technologically advanced avionics systems and modern, fuel-efficient, diesel engine powerplants.

During the announcement of the first DA 50 RG order in the U.S., Owen also noted that sales of all Diamond models have been very strong during the show.

“During AirVenture 2021, we also took orders for ten new Diamond aircraft (3 DA20-C1’s, 2 DA 40NG’s, 2 DA42-VI’s, and 3 DA 62’s), making this one of Premier’s most successful shows in quite a few years,” Owen he said. “We’ve seen the overall interest general aviation aircraft travel skyrocketed since the COVID pandemic started in 2020 as more a more people are recognizing that you cannot beat the personal safety and convenience of traveling by private aircraft.”

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