Rapid Progress on Supercub for Alaska Airmen’s Raffle

Steve Williams, owner of Acme Cub, reports that he will have no problems meeting the April 15 deadline for completion of the Supercub he is building for the Alaska Airmen’s Annual Raffle. The project, that was started with a new steel tube fuselage frame and rebuilt wings, has been covered with new, black Oratex fabric. Windows have been installed along with a large, form-shaped Lexan skylight. The firewall and engine mount have been hung, and the fuselage has been transferred from a rotisserie to a temporary gear. The main gear in this Supercub will be three inches longer than standard, to accommodate tundra tires and permit sufficient clearance for 82” propeller when the plane is on skis. Steve expected to have the main gear and instrument panel in place by the end of January.

Among the dozens of non-structural modifications, Steve has developed carbon fiber floorboards, leather door seals that prevent any air leaks, and a clear lexan cover for the lower door to enhance visibility. He has installed an extra heater for the benefit of the passenger. The seats are custom made and the rear seat is a unique “sling” seat that permits the removal of the back support, the leather cushions along with the folding of the sling, thereby considerably increasing the storage area behind the pilot’s seat.

Under the category of “minor alterations,” Steve has introduced a cargo access door, an aft fuselage access door, an extra landing light in the left wing, and an extra lift handle on the left side at the back end of the fuselage. Utilizing an STC, he installed double slotted fowler flaps and has reinforced the flap brackets to take the load caused by the pitching down moment of the nose when deployed on final approach. The arrangement is similar to the flaps on a 737 and Twin Otter. The spars have been beefed up to allow for an STCd 250-pound gross weight increase. To provide extra braking strength as required with large tundra tires, high pressure master brake cylinders have been installed.

Fuel pump wiring and fuselage fittings have also been added to permit the installation of a belly fuel tank. Utilizing another STC, Steve has moved the battery from its original location in the aft fuselage to a forward location between the rudder pedals. When completed the Alaskan Airmen’s Raffle Supercub will look like it just came out of the showroom.

Raffle tickets are still on sale, but are going fast. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the raffle can call the Alaska Airmen’s Association at (907) 245-1251.

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