Recaro Aircraft Seating Inks Deal with WizzAir for 31,767 SL3710 Economy Class Seats

Recaro Aircraft Seating has secured a deal with Wizz Air for 31,767 passenger seats. The SL3710 economy class seat will be installed on 146 Airbus aircraft starting in 2021. This partnership is a part of a larger deal with the Indigo Partners portfolio of airlines for nearly 100,000 passenger seats, which is the largest order of seats in the history of Recaro.

“This accomplishment is a significant milestone for Recaro and the teams involved, all which deserve great recognition and gratitude,” said Dr. Hiller, CEO and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “This is potentially the swiftest ramp-up of an order we have ever experienced, and I am confident that our teams are well-prepared to handle this.”

Recaro says they worked closely with Wizz Air to develop a sustainable seat for the carrier, as the airline already has numerous sustainable initiatives in place. Wizz Air has reduced its carbon footprint by utilizing efficient Airbus aircraft and prioritizing lightweight products for its cabins among all Airbus 320 family operators.

The newest and lightest member of the Recaro economy class seat lineup, the SL3710 economy class seat weighs approximately eight kilograms. Its efficient design is comprised of durable and reliable parts, which makes it a cost-effective choice for airlines focused on minimizing fuel and maintenance costs.

“A lot of work went into selecting a seating provider for this order, but what impressed us most about Recaro was the level of customer orientation,” said Heiko Holm, COO of Wizz Air. “Not only was their global network of production and customer service sites easily accessible for our individual airlines, but Recaro also customized the SL3710 seat according to our needs. This gave us additional insight into Recaro willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs.”

The larger deal with the Indigo Partners portfolio of airlines is comprised of 459 shipsets with a total of 96,000 pax of the SL3710. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Indigo Partners embraces the ultra-low-cost airline carrier business model, which offers passengers minimal inclusions in the fare and a number of add-on fees for amenities.


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