Rizse Introduces Superior Technology for Aircraft Maintenance Inspections

Rizse, a U.S.-based advanced drone robotics company, has introduced its new solution for aircraft inspections. Utilizing autonomous drone hardware and proprietary software, Rizse’s StreamSense platform provides a way to inspect both narrow and wide body aircraft fuselages for damage such as that caused by lightning strikes, hail and bird strikes.

“We are extremely proud of our StreamSense product, and proud that it is manufactured in the United States,” says Colby Harvey, Rizse founder and CEO. “The cost savings to companies in the aviation industry has the ability to significantly impact their bottom line.”

A traditional large aircraft inspection can take six to ten hours to complete and every hour that aircraft is on the ground will cost an airline approximately $10,000 in lost revenues and machinery use, the company estimates. Rizse says its solution takes only 45 minutes to an hour to complete, unless results indicate further testing is warranted.

The StreamSense platform includes the proprietary drone and attachments, enterprise software, training and Cloud computing technology.

Rizse is the brainchild of Harvey and was inspired by a class project he carried out as a student at Arizona State University. After graduating with a degree in aviation management, Harvey took a job working at Google as a development operations engineer, while continuing to work on what was then known as Maintenance Automation. In 2018, he renamed the company Rizse and was ready to launch into the aviation maintenance field full time.

Harvey was joined in founding Rizse by Braedon O’Meara, who serves as the company’s chief technology officer. Together they lead a team of technology experts who are continually innovating to bring the best advances in technology to the market.

“Our company is 100 percent committed to assisting our customers with their specialized needs,” states Harvey. “To that end, we have partnered with the leading firms in the industry.”

One of those firms is Ascent Aviation Services, which provides testing resources to perfect the drones’ autonomous navigation systems.

“We are so pleased to be working with Rizse,” states Ascent Aviation president David Querio. “They have developed a technology that will be of tremendous benefit to the aviation industry. Colby Harvey and his team are bright, young entrepreneurs who are doing things right.”

Rizse has also partnered with technology mogul Nvidia for Cloud computing resources for the training of its artificial intelligence. And Ouster, a company known for its high resolution lidar sensors, provides Rizse with systems and support for its drone vision and navigation.

“One of the best parts of working at Ouster is seeing all the ambitious applications our customers use our lidar sensors for,” says Angus Pacala, CEO of Ouster. “What the team at Rizse has accomplished for aircraft inspections and the aviation industry is a perfect example of what motivates us. We look forward to seeing Rizse grow and continue to push the boundaries in this huge aviation market.”



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