Rusada Unveils New Technical Publications Module for ENVISION

Rusada Unveils New Technical Publications Module for ENVISION

Rusada has revealed the newest module for its MRO and flight operations solution ENVISION. “Technical Publications” can be used by aircraft operators and MRO’s to integrate their library of documents into their product, ENVISION, creating live, digital versions of these resources.

A feature of the module is the digitization of OEM manuals and maintenance programs, enabling the creation of a digital library of maintenance task cards. These task cards can be authored as users see fit, including the option to add custom validated fields and electronic sign-off. The information in these task cards is live, so when OEM’s release revisions of their documents, the relevant data can be instantly updated, without the need to manually re-create or edit existing task cards.

In addition to this, by linking Technical Publications to ENVISION’s Human Resources module, organizations can ensure that only users with the correct designations and approval stamps can sign-off maintenance activities, keeping them in compliance with aviation regulations.

Rusada predicts that this functionality could save countless hours of time and allow organizations to take the next step to a paperless MRO environment. As ENVISION is a web-based solution, Technical Publications can be used in the field on a tablet or smartphone.

“Many people in the industry have been asking us for this functionality. They’ve had enough of trying to manage these vital activities with paper documents, static spreadsheets or low functionality software,” Julian Stourton, CEO at Rusada says. “I am therefore thrilled to be rolling out Technical Publications to the market. The functionality that we’ve developed will save our customers huge amounts of time and resource, while keeping them compliant. This is a fully developed and live solution that is ready to be implemented today.”

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