Seven New Gadgets Available for WinAir Version 7

WinAir has released seven “new gadgets” for their recently released Dashboards enhancement for WinAir Version 7 . These new gadgets are available for all new and current WinAir Version 7 software packages that have the corresponding modules in their package. Each new gadget displays maintenance, inventory, and finance related information based on the particular client’s data in WinAir. WinAir says the information displayed in these gadgets is crucial for determining the most appropriate course of action for decision makers.

WinAir says this new way to present data makes it easier for their clients to identify specific challenges or opportunities, and then make strategic business decisions based on this information. As a result, aviation operations can detect issues in their early stages and be proactive in their next steps.

WinAir Version 7 offers operations “easily interpretable data in clear and concise formats—information is displayed in a variety of graph formats for quick identification and simple examination.” This leads to less time searching for and compiling information and more time available for interpreting data and making decisions.

“Our entire company is thrilled to release our new gadgets for our Dashboards enhancement for WinAir Version 7,” says Kyle Vergeer, WinAir managing director. “These new gadgets will assist aviation operations tremendously by providing real-time data visualizations of current performance for better and more informed decision making. We anticipate that these new gadgets will play a profound role in improving business efficiencies for our clients worldwide.”

WinAir’s Aircraft Utilization gadget provides the ability to view several accumulated counter values for a specified number of months or days for a particular aircraft.

With he Total Labour per Base and Total Labour per Template gadgets users can view the total labor per base for unscheduled and scheduled tasks, with the option to include or exclude approved or unapproved labour and users can view the total labor per template for unscheduled and scheduled labor, with the option to include or exclude approved or unapproved labor.

There are gadgets designed to help inventory/parts manager and stores clerk, as well as the chief financial officer (CFO) and purchaser.

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