Sherwin-Williams Introduces Hands-On Aircraft Coatings Repair Videos

Sherwin-Williams is introducing a hands-on application repair video series geared toward aircraft refinishers, technicians and shop managers to enhance understanding of the repair process. The video series demonstrates best practices and repair methods for OEMs, MROs and paint shops to maximize efficiency. The methods featured are proven to help deliver consistent and reliable repairs, benefitting customer satisfaction and retention.

“It’s important to keep up with new technologies and repair processes, and a hands-on demonstration is a more effective teaching aide than any instruction manual,” says Richard Giles, Sherwin-Williams Training & Technical Services Manager for aerospace coatings. “The visual approach provides a more accurate demonstration of different types of repairs.”

These Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) videos demonstrate best practices and procedures applicable to any type of aircraft, assuming the airframe is consistent.  “Whether working on a Gulfstream, a Cessna or commercial aircraft, the painter can utilize the demonstrated process,” says Giles.

Topics of the aerospace coatings repair videos include:

  • SKYscapes Mica 850 Series Smart Repair Video
  • Acry Glo 571 Series HLG Smart Repair Video
  • SKYscapes Basecoat 850 Series Smart Repair Video
  • SKYscapes CM0850180 Clearcoat (Freshly Painted) Smart Repair Video
  • SKYscapes CM0850180 Clearcoat (Cured) Smart Repair Video
  • SKYscapes Shimmer Coat Smart Repair Video

According to Giles, even though different topcoats may be sprayed, the functions of a good repair are always consistent: get to know your repair objective, prepare accordingly, mix appropriately and use the right equipment.

Find the videos at the Sherwin-Williams aerospace YouTube channel.

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