Snap-on Introduces New Aviation MRO Pro Tools Set and Roll Cab

Snap-on Industrial says with their new Aviation MRO Pro Tool Set, a mechanic will have all aviation tools needed housed in a right-sized roll cab. It’s now available to order with a single part number from Snap-on Industrial.

The Aviation MRO Pro Tool Set comes with more than 500 tools specifically selected for aviation maintenance, repair and operation. Snap-on Industrial teamed up with aviation industry professionals to design this all-in-one set, which includes virtually everything you need as a professional technician to safely keep aircraft in top working order.

The set includes a variety of hand, power, structure, torque, inspection and safety tools including:

  • Ratchets
  • Wrenches
  • Flank drive sockets
  • Flex sockets
  • Pliers
  • Reversible wire twisters
  • Impact ratchets
  • Drills

All the tools are housed in an Algona, Iowa-manufactured 54” 11-Drawer Double-Bank Master Series Roll Cab, which comes with foam cutouts for tools for visual tool control, adding to the increased safety this set provides. The roll cab’s extra-wide drawers feature four bottom stiffeners to support a full load of tools without sagging. Sets can be ordered with access control to provide the roll cab with a higher level of security.

Roll cab with foam

  • ATKPLUSRAY (red)
  • ATKPLUSBAY (black)
  • ATKPLUSBLAY (blue)

Roll cab with foam and access control

  • ATKPLUSRAC (red)
  • ATKPLUSBAC (black)
  • ATKPLUSBLAC (blue)

The Aviation MRO Pro Tool Set comes with free shipping if ordered before December 31, 2020. For more information on the Aviation MRO Pro Tool Set from Snap-on Industrial.

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