Superior Air Parts Applies for AMOC Approval with FAA on Crankshaft Assemblies

Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced that the company has been working with representatives of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the FAA to develop and submit an Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) covering the recently announced FAA Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) regarding certain Superior Air Parts manufactured crankshaft assemblies.

The crankshaft assemblies were originally installed in new Superior Air Parts XP-Series Model O-360 and IO-360 engines and as replacement parts under Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) on certain Lycoming Model AEIO-360, IO-360, and O-360 engines.

A list of the affected crankshaft serial numbers can be found on the FAA’s website. Docket No. FAA-2018-1077-AD2020-25-12.

A superior spokesperson said that the company has assembled a team including engineers, metallurgists, representatives of the FAA, and AOPA to develop this AMOC that, when approved, will enable affected aircraft owners to comply with the A.D. at a significantly lower cost without impacting the engine’s or aircraft’s safety.

“We are very confident that the FAA will approve the proposed AMOC prior to the A.D.’s assigned active date of January 15, 2021,” the representative said.

“Superior’s primary goal, in this unfortunate situation, and always is the safety of our customers and their passengers,” he continued. “We feel that delivering an affordable alternate means of meeting the A.D.’s requirements, that also encourages early compliance is a major step in that direction.”

Superior will release more details on the AMOC as soon an agreement is reached.

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