SWISS and Edelweiss Air Sign Five-year Contract with FLYdocs for Data Management

FLYdocs announced a five-year contract with leading Swiss airlines, SWISS and Edelweiss Air, who will use the FLYdocs platform for the ongoing management of their maintenance and engineering records across their entire respective fleets of 90 and 15 aircraft.

The FLYdocs platform provides a centralized cloud-based digital replica of all aircraft technical records – right back to birth. That means, once uploaded into FLYdocs, the millions of paper records, combined with electronic documents often distributed in different formats around most aviation organisations, are now instantly available in useable, industry standard formats to support business critical operations, such as verifying airworthiness compliance, and aircraft sales and transitions.

What’s more, the airlines, which are also users of AMOS MRO software, are set to be the first organizations to benefit from significant operational efficiencies and cost savings from FLYdocs’ holistic approach to data management, as the platform has an exclusive integration with AMOS, and its advanced functionality is enriched further by live feeds from the ATA e-business specifications, Spec 2500.

“We are delighted to deepen our relationship with SWISS and Edelweiss Air, creating a long-term strategic partnership which will create tangible value, financial and operational, for both organisations,” says John Bowell, director of Global Sales at FLYdocs. “With FLYdocs powering their aircraft records management and delivering high integrity data and streamlined processes, the Airlines will be able to reduce the complexities of their day-to-day compliance verification and aircraft trading activities.”

Patrick Scherrer, head of Continuing Airworthiness Engineering at Swiss International Air Lines comments: “We pride ourselves on delivering the highest product and service quality, and that not only applies to customer-facing functions, but back-office functions, which deliver excellence across the value chain. With all our aircraft technical records contained within the FLYdocs® platform, we’ll have the underlying infrastructure in place to manage our operations in a way, which will have a positive impact on the Airline’s profitability and the value of our assets.”


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