Teledyne Launches New Dataloading Technology

Teledyne Launches New Dataloading Technology

Teledyne Controls has launched the PMAT XS, a new portable dataloader that integrates securely with Teledyne’s ground management system to provide automatic, secure distribution of software parts, such as navigation databases and application updates to aircraft.

Teledyne says it if dully compliant with ARINC and all relevant industry security standards for dataloading. The new Portable Maintenance Access Terminal – PMAT XS -addresses one of the key concerns of airlines and aircraft operators, ensuring the connection between the aircraft and the ground is not compromised while data is being loaded.

Teledyne says to achieve this, it was built from the ground up for security; it stores all software parts and downloaded data in an encrypted ‘vault’ on the loader, checks digital signatures at import and load time, and physically disconnects from the ground networks while the aircraft is being loaded, thus further enhancing security.

The PMAT XS also easily connects with Teledyne Controls’ LoadStar Server Enterprise (LSE) network distribution software, and securely stores all software parts and automatically distributes them to the PMAT XS using Ethernet, cellular and WiFi connectivity.

When used in stand-alone mode, the PMAT XS accepts software parts from USB memory sticks. It can perform ARINC 615-4 and ARINC 615A-3 loading and stage parts on eEnabled aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and A220 by emulating a USB stick.

Multiple power options (battery, aircraft and ground power) are available to enable groundcrews to load software anywhere at any time. An innovative docking station charges the unit’s battery in the cradle and automatically connects to the Teledyne LSE to sync parts for upload to the aircraft and downloaded data. Automatic, secure application updates are also available from a dedicated Teledyne Maintenance Portal. Support tickets can also be posted directly to Teledyne’s Support Portal.

“With airlines placing even greater emphasis on security and systems’ integrity, especially when it comes to connectivity, the PMAT XS gives airlines the best of both worlds: an efficient, reliable dataloading solution that facilitates compliance and securely loads the aircraft on the ground,” says Craig Aitken, senior director of Dataloading Solutions at Teledyne Controls.

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