The Big Ass Fans LED Bay Light Helps Work Space Visibility

With more LEDs than any Big Ass Light before, and a module that directs light where it’s needed, Big Ass Fans says their LED Bay Light will literally transform the way work space is viewed. Big Ass says their LED Bay Light contributes to productivity and visual appeal in the work environment.

Durable and sleek, the LED Bay Light keeps the light bright without extraneous heat. Offering a variety of outputs (six lumen options ranging from 12,000 to 36,000), the LED Bay Light can brighten most spaces. With three mounting options (aircraft cable, conduit and flush), a rotatable module providing various angles of distribution and five interchangeable lens options to shape and direct light where it needs to go, the LED Bay Light is simple to install, alter and optimize.
Rated up to an industry-topping 187 lumens per watt, the LED Bay Light maintains output for 150,000 hours (an estimated 17 years of 24/7 operation).


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