The Loar Group Announces the Acquisition of Hydra-Electric

Loar Group, Inc. (Loar) has recently added Hydra-Electric Company (Hydra) to its family of companies.
Headquartered in Burbank, California, Hydra is a designer and manufacturer of custom engineered, high precision pressure, temperature and flow switches and sensors. Hydra’s experience in R&D and engineering help it develop solutions for demanding applications. 100 percent of the company’s products are designed in-house. Hydra’s products can be found on both legacy and next generation aerospace and defense platforms including: B787, B777, B737, A320neo, A350, F35, F18, Bell 214, Sikorsky S-92, Augusta Westland AW 189, G650 and Pilatus PC12 and PC24. Approximately 40 percent, 32 percent, and 15 percent of Hydra’s revenues have applications for commercial defense, and general aviation end markets, respectively, with the balance of revenues supporting a number of engine platforms across all aforementioned markets.

“Hydra adds another proven innovator and problem solver to Loar which further enhances our ability to solve our customers’ unique challenges” stated Dirkson Charles, CEO of Loar Group. “Hydra is Loar’s eleventh acquisition since our founding in 2012 and will increase our proprietary content to approximately 80% of sales” continued Mr. Charles.

Loar Group, Inc. is a diversified manufacturer and supplier with established relationships across leading aerospace and defense OEMs and Tier Ones worldwide. The Company’s mandate is to create a strategic global alliance of companies specializing in the design and manufacture of aerospace and defense components. Loar provides its partners and customers with innovative, cost-effective engineering and manufacturing capabilities and responsive, dependable service, leading to profitable and sustainable long-term relationships.

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