Thoroughbred Aviation Launches Aircraft Maintenance Management for Part 91 Ops

Thoroughbred Aviation has introduced a new service to manage aircraft maintenance. According to statistics, approximately 70 percent of business aircraft operations do not have dedicated maintenance personnel. With longer intervals between scheduled maintenance, more reliable aircraft, and a looming shortage of qualified technical personnel, many aircraft owners and operators are left without adequate technical resources. Thoroughbred says their Maintenance Management Service (MMS) is designed to solve this for aircraft operations under Part 91.

“Our MMS program is fully customizable to your specific situation. Unlike similar programs offered by aircraft manufacturers and third party service providers, our program is 100 percent independent. This means you have peace of mind that we are holding your best interest in mind with zero biases,” says Nathan Winkle, president at Thoroughbred Aviation. “This allows you to focus on where you want to go, your crew to focus on getting you there, and us to make sure your aircraft stays up to date with its maintenance program. In almost every case MMS customers are going to save way more money than is spent for our service.”
Thoroughbred says the features and benefits of their MMS program include:

                Two levels of service and a host of individual services allowing for a tailored service that fits your business and needs,

                Management and monitoring of aircraft maintenance program,

                Forecasting, planning, and management of scheduled maintenance events, 

                Coordination of AOG support when required,

                Update and management of aircraft technical records,

                Audit work orders post-maintenance for compliance, and much more.

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