Trimec Aviation Acquires CA-42- Digital Compass Rose System

Trimec Aviation, a Certified Part 145 Repair Station (#18TR248C), announced it has added a Capital Avionics CA-420 digital compass rose system to support its growing client base with this state-of-the-art aircraft compass alignment tool.

“It has become increasingly difficult and problematic to locate traditional compass roses at local airports to calibrate an aircraft magnetic compass,” John Holland, Trimec Aviation, general manager, commented. “This new advanced CA-420 system is so accurate and intuitive; we find it to be a valuable tool for our customers, not to mention its convenience. We also remind our customers that the magnetic compass needs to be recalibrated periodically, as suggested by the manufacturer. In addition, it needs recalibrated when the plane has a major component change, is relocated to a significantly different latitude, or when it has remained idle for one-year or more.”

The CA-420 compass rose system incorporates the latest technology and utilizes an android tablet with wi-fi connectivity. Advanced magnetic sensors, processors, and an RF communications link provide technicians with an innovative tool to align the aircraft compass quickly and accurately.

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