Turtles Fly Too Charity Saves Sea Turtles

Turtles Fly Too (TF2) has extended its air rescue operations of sea turtles, whales and sea mammals on the Atlantic and Pacific. NOAA Fisheries and US FWS have partnered with TF2. TF2’s air rescue operations will be conducted in the Pacific from Alaska to Mexico. On the Atlantic side, from Canada to the Caribbean.

TF2 supports Center for Coastal Studies rescue team on the Atlantic and on the Pacific the SR3 rescue team by air transporting the team and gear. These are emergency flights for the purpose of freeing whales from fishing gear. These rescue missions are considered dangerous as rescue members have died. All whale rescue missions are done on an immediate emergency response basis. TF2 air transports to specialized animal hospitals where the mammals receive necessary care and are released back to the wild.

The Cape Cod sea turtle cold stun has started with the first rescue of a Kemp’s Ridley turtle. The west coast will be starting soon with their sea turtle cold stuns of the Olive Ridley species. To be a part of TF2 rescue missions please sign up at https://turtlesflytoo.org/become-a-volunteer/ or email Leslie Weinstein at Leslie@turtlesflytoo.org. Volunteers who fly T2F missions receive a 501c3 public charity charitable donation acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.

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