USAIG Welcomes Pulsar Informatics to its Performance Vector Safety Initiative

USAIG says it is proudly welcoming Pulsar Informatics to its Performance Vector safety initiative. Performance Vector delivers valuable, forward-looking safety support for USAIG-insured operators of turbine aircraft. Eligible policyholders can choose annually from a range of safety enhancing programs and services delivered by the industry’s leading providers.

Aviation operators have varying levels of maturation when it comes to Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). Pulsar Informatics provides expertise and tools to implement a customized FRMS to meet the unique needs of organizations relative to government regulations (14 CFR Parts 121, 125, 135, and 91).

USAIG says eligible policyholders can select from two new Performance Vector options. The Pulsar Fatigue Risk Management Policy and Training Package helps operators baseline their existing fatigue risk posture and delivers fatigue training through three separate webinars designed for management, operational personnel and aircraft maintenance technicians respectively. The Pulsar “Fleet Insight” Fatigue Risk Management System Package includes a year’s subscription to the Fleet Insight web and Fatigue Meter mobile apps, which enable up to five safety managers/schedulers to proactively evaluate fatigue across the entire operation’s schedule. Pulsar will extend preferred pricing for USAIG members if more users are needed beyond the five that come with the Performance Vector subscription package.

“We are delighted to connect our policyholders with Pulsar Informatics’ expertise and world class fatigue risk management programs. Pulsar’s approach perfectly blends attention to policy, training, and continuous risk monitoring. These programs are practical, easy to implement, and represent real advances in addressing fatigue risks in aviation” said David McKay, USAIG president and CEO.

“Fatigue affects safety and adds cost to the bottom line. It is the professional responsibility of every person involved in safety sensitive operations to understand where fatigue comes from, how to measure it, and how to reduce fatigue risk. We look forward to helping USAIG policyholders in this regard,” said Pulsar Informatics CEO Daniel Mollicone, Ph.D.

Performance Vector programs meet aviation regulatory requirements, accreditation protocols and industry standards such as FAA, IS-BAO, NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager program, and ICAO.  Eligibility for additional Performance Vector services refreshes upon each policy renewal.

For additional information about the USAIG Performance Vector program, check the Safety tab at or contact Paul S. Ratté, USAIG Director of Aviation Safety Programs at:

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