VistaJet Selects SmartStem System for Challenger 605/350 Fleet

Vista Jet Challenger 605 251Crane Aerospace & Electronics announced that VistaJet has selected the SmartStem Wireless Tire Pressure Measurement System for their fleet of Bombardier Challenger 605 and Challenger 350 business aircraft. VistaJet currently operates 12 Challenger jets, with plans to expand the fleet up to 50 aircraft to support increased service worldwide.

SmartStem provides an improved method for measuring and recording aircraft tire pressure and managing tire maintenance. Crane’s patented technology offers operators, including pilots, the ability to check tire pressure quickly, accurately and without gas loss. Each aircraft kit consists of high-accuracy tire pressure sensors and a handheld reader, which electronically reads and stores tire pressure and temperature. The sensors simply replace the existing wheel fill stems.

“We have used SmartStem for years on our Learjet 60 fleet,” said Nick Van Der Meer, accountable manager for VistaJet. “Daily tire pressure checks with SmartStem have contributed to the overall safety of our operation, and provided autonomy and comfort to our flight crews when performing the checks. By ensuring that tire pressure is optimized at all times, SmartStem has allowed us to increase efficiency by extending tire and wheel maintenance intervals. We look forward to the same positive results on our fleet of Challenger 605 and Challenger 350 aircraft.”

Rick Jones, Aerospace Group senior vice president for Crane, said, “Operators who are looking to maintain a safe aircraft and maximize tire life will quickly see the advantages of using a SmartStem system. SmartStem is enabling operators to proactively perform preventative maintenance and avoid in-service issues related to low tire pressure.”SmartStem251

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