Volunteer Network Facilitates Getting PPE to Healthcare Workers

GetUsPPE is the largest all-volunteer group working to get vital free PPE gear (masks, face shields) to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis. If any company that uses this sort of equipment are able to donate, the group asks that they please reach out to coordinate donations. Hospitals need it today to carry them through until PPE is more widely available.

GetUsPPE is the biggest all-volunteer organization connecting those who can donate PPE to the hospitals that need this gear. WWW.GetUsPPE.org features a real-time map which shows the hospitals that need PPE and enables anyone with PPE they can donate to find the nearest place to direct it. It’s very simple and fast – the website shows the healthcare facility nearest by location and lists what they need. The listing shows simple drop-off instructions for the donation. “If an aviation maintenance business has masks or face shields they can spare, WWW.GetUsPPE.org enables them to donate it right away and, perhaps, save the life of a brave doctor, nurse or orderly,” says David Close who is among the volunteers coordinating the efforts.

Here is a link to their group, WWW.GetUsPPE.org. “Your readers can play an important role in protecting the healthcare workers who care for COVID-19 patients. It’s every hand – and mask, and faceshield – on deck and every minute matters,” says Close.

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