Western and Horry County Department of Airports to Develop New Corporate Aerospace Campus at MYR

Western LLC, an aerospace development firm, is pleased to announce that Western has signed a marketing agreement with Horry County Department of Airports to market a new corporate aerospace campus at the Myrtle Beach International Airport’s (MYR) International Technology and Aerospace Park (iTAP). Western and Horry County will collaborate to maximize the potential use of available developable land at MYR.

The execution of this Marketing Agreement allows Western to provide the majority of the marketing initiative with input and guidance from the Airport. The intent is to market to a wide range of end users and to meet their needs based on market research and feedback. Western will then finalize a phased development plan and initiate ground leases as each phase is preleased. The Western Marketing Agreement allows the Airport to expand their marketing reach without expending their resources. This new corporate aerospace campus development will allow the Airport, City, County, FBOs, and existing businesses to reap the benefits of increased aerospace traffic, number of based aircraft, fuel flows, and associated revenues.

“The Myrtle Beach International Airport is fortunate to have hundreds of acres of developable land with direct access to MYR’s 9,500-foot runway. The iTAP property at MYR, our market’s strategic location in the southeast, with affordable costs for living and doing business, creates an incredible opportunity for the right aeronautical focused company,” said Scott Van Moppes, Director of Airports for Horry County. “We are excited about the marketing agreement with Western and have confidence in their ability to identify a strategic mix of new aeronautical partners who will complement our region’s prosperous aviation industry.”

“We are grateful and excited to serve Horry County and the Myrtle Beach International Airport,” said Michael Bergfield, Director of Business Development for Western. “We see so much opportunity for the Airport on every front and we are blessed to get to partner with such an incredible group of people.”

If interested in learning more about this upcoming corporate aerospace campus at MYR, please contact Michael Bergfield at (720) 924-9868 or mbergfield@westernllc.net to further discuss opportunities.

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