Win a Refurbished 1975 Cessna 150M in Puget Sound Flyers Sweepstakes

Puget Sound Flyers is giving away a fully refurbished 1975 Cessna 150M. The group is raising money to help young people go to school helping those who have survived maybe cancer.

The imagine that child living in a family of limited means who financially took a big hit with their child going through treatment. Children and families who are not so fortunate are “why we are building our charity to help these young people get to college or trade schools with scholarship money,” the group says.

Their goal this year is $10,000.00 scholarships to the neediest but hardest working young people who beat the odds.

You can purchase a ticket at this link:

Buy one for $20 or six for $100 and maybe you’ll be flying your own 150 for that magic $100 hamburger!

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