AAR and Moog Sign Two Commercial Agreements

AAR has signed two multi-year commercial agreements with Moog Inc. AAR says the agreements are the first steps in a new strategic relationship that allows for potential future expansion of the scope of services provided.

Under the first agreement, AAR will distribute Moog products applicable to mature aircraft platforms to customers globally. This new OEM relationship complements AAR’s existing product offerings and customer base. Additionally, Moog will benefit from AAR’s value added services, which include a close-to-the-customer model that provides efficient delivery of inventory to the end customer, enabling Moog’s effort for further simplification.

The second agreement will enable AAR and Moog to perform reciprocal component repair services. AAR’s component repair facilities will receive support from Moog on manufactured piece parts and repair capability while Moog will receive components from AAR. 

“We are delighted to sign this reciprocal agreement with AAR for aftermarket repairs and distribution. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with AAR and build upon these agreements for the benefit of both parties,” says Lisa Domanowski-de Jong, general manager, Moog’s cCommercial aftermarket business. 

“The AAR-Moog agreements demonstrate a commitment to providing additional value to customers through improved product availability and outstanding customer service,” says Frank Landrio, AAR’s senior vice president of distribution. “AAR looks forward to growing our relationship with Moog by successfully executing on these contracts for the benefit of our collective customers.”