Airinmar Selected to Provide Warranty Management and Engineering Support to Cebu

AAR subsidiary Airinmar signed a new services agreement with Philippines-based low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific.

Airinmar will provide Cebu Pacific with a full suite of support services covering both aircraft warranty management and value engineering. Warranty management services will include the identification, claim, and recovery of the multiple airframe, engine, and component warranty entitlements provided by airframe manufacturers and their suppliers. Value engineering services will include cost oversight to ensure compliance with Cebu’s contracted component repairs and to minimize component out-of-scope flight-hour repair charges. The services provided by Airinmar will complement Cebu’s current materials management activities and will focus on maximizing the recovery of Cebu’s warranty entitlements and reducing the cost of component repair.

“Airinmar’s well regarded warranty management and value engineering services and ability to deliver cost savings and credit recovery will support effective management of our maintenance spend as we expand our fleet of aircraft,” said Shevantha Weerasekera, senior advisor/vice president, engineering and maintenance for Cebu. “Airinmar’s ability to customize its solutions to our business needs will enable us to relentlessly pursue new ideas and better solutions.”

“We are proud to provide Airinmar services and look forward to delivering results to Asia’s oldest low-cost carrier,” said Matt Davies, GM of Airinmar. “With 77 aircraft in service and a further 49 on order, we are excited to contribute to Cebu Pacific’s growth and success over the coming years.”