Battelle Welding Technology Helping Manufacturers Save Money

The latest spot weld reliability assurance technology, developed by Battelle, has been adopted for use by Safe Technology’s fe-safe suite of software for fatigue analysis from finite element models.

It is a complimentary tool to be used with Verity, another Battelle-developed fatigue analysis tool that is also licensed to Safe Technology. The Verity mesh insensitive structural stress method uses new, patented methods to accurately calculate the fatigue lives of welded joints by eliminating the uncertainty of traditional methods.

In the early ’90s, Battelle scientists recognized the need for a reliable stress analysis methodology that would address the known problems encountered in conventional finite element analysis procedures for welded joints and other geometric discontinuities. Battelle created, developed and validated a new methodology known as the Verity mesh-insensitive structural stress methodology. Although initially viewed as “too good to be true” or “too simple to possibly work,” Verity has now been validated by leading industry experts across a broad array of industries, and has been adopted by respected codes and standards organizations.

The new spot weld modeling procedure calculates reliable structural stresses consistent with the Verity master S-N curve. As such, no additional fatigue data are needed to apply this new approach to wide range of spot welding techniques. The new spot weld model is simpler to apply and more computationally efficient, enabling greater numbers of spot welds to be analyzed with existing facilities, says Jeong K. Hong, a Battelle technical lead who developed the process.

The fe-safe tool, with spot welding capabilities, can accelerate new product introduction and reduce cost when integrated into the design process. It’s primarily being used by the automotive industry and has potential applications everywhere spot welds are used. The fe-safe spot weld module automatically detects the number of sheets welded together, the thickness of each sheet, and the location of each spot weld. Very short analysis times are obtained even with models that contain many thousands of spot welds. The software works with beam elements and also with Abaqus connector elements.

“We’re pleased to add the new spot welding capability to our Verity suite of fatigue analysis tools. We’re continually trying to offer our customers more tools that will help them save time and money in the complex business of fatigue analysis,” said John Draper, Safe Technology’s CEO.

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