Happy Charles Taylor Day!

Charles Taylor, who was the Wright Brothers’ mechanic and is considered the father of aviation maintenance, was born on May 24th. AMT Day is celebrated each year in the aviation maintenance industry and honors Charles Taylor on the date of his birth. Like Taylor, aircraft mechanics are truly the unsung heroes of the aviation industry. Congress passed a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National AMT Day in 2008. After several years of continuous effort, Senate Resolution #SRES335 passed in December 2016, joining Congressional Resolution #RES#444, recognizing May 24 as AMT Day, and the day is now observed in many states in the U.S. Here’s to all the people who work selflessly to ensure the safety of our air transportation system.

NetJets Announces Collaboration With Acclaimed Artist Silvère Jarrosson

For the 23rd consecutive year, NetJets, the global leader in private aviation, proudly announces its partnership with Art Basel. To highlight its commitment to the arts, NetJets will collaborate with French abstract artist Silvère Jarrosson to create a new art collection exclusively for NetJets that will be displayed at the Art Basel shows in Basel, Paris and Miami Beach.

Born and raised in Paris, Jarrosson trained as a ballet dancer at the renowned Opera National de Paris at only 10 years old but transitioned into abstract painting a decade ago. His background in ballet is seen throughout his motion and fluidity while creating his works of art. Represented by contemporary art agency Studio Artera in Paris, Jarrosson is known for using his whole body to make his art – as he moves or dances with the canvas to create his signature acrylic pieces.

At only 31 years of age, Jarrosson has received widespread praise and has had his work showcased globally. His art is featured in prestigious institutions such as the Villa Medici in Rome, the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, the Lambert Collection in Avignon, the Crédit du Nord Collection, the Mobilier National and the Opera National de Paris, among others.

Jarrosson’s project created for NetJets, entitled “Inner Horizons”, offers owners – the individuals and businesses who are clients of NetJets’ private jet ownership model – captivating insight into his world of poetic immersion, where his spectators become part of the creative inspiration for his shows and projects. His work will be featured in NetJets’ exclusive area within the Collectors Lounge. Accessible only by owners, it will offer a secluded space for guests to enjoy hospitality throughout the show week of Art Basel in Basel. The show aims to merge external travel experiences made possible by NetJets with inner travel experiences created by Jarrosson’s art.

“We are delighted with this partnership. We admire the synergy from the movement Silvère uses to create his art pieces. His beautiful artwork truly moves observers who watch him paint,” Patrick Gallagher, president of sales, marketing & service, said. “Despite coming from different industries, we align in our passion to both create and capture exceptional experiences for others. As many of our Owners are deeply interested in fine art, we believe this partnership will be both inspiring and exciting as Silvère’s career continues to flourish.”

Elevate MRO Becomes Starlink Authorized Dealer and Installer

Elevate MRO a division of Elevate Aviation Group (EAG) has become an Authorized Starlink Dealer and Installer of their global in-flight high-speed internet solution. Elevate Jet intends to offer Starlink as its sole connectivity product.

Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world. As the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit, Starlink delivers broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls, and more. Starlink is engineered and operated by SpaceX. As the world’s leading provider of launch services, SpaceX is leveraging its deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system.

“We are honored to have Elevate MRO selected as an Authorized Dealer and Installer of Starlink,” said Randy McKinney, president of EAG. “I was fortunate to participate in the initial STC and launch of the product in 2022, and learned firsthand how fast and reliable this product is.”

Elevate MRO and Elevate Jet became wholly-owned subsidiaries of Elevate Aviation Group in 2022. With nearly 30 years of experience in aircraft service and maintenance support, as well as 24/7 availability, Elevate MRO is the essence of dependability. With its primary location in Salt Lake City, UT, the company is staffed by highly trained and qualified technicians capable of repairing and maintaining a wide array of turbine-powered fixed-wing aircraft.

“Our MRO team is elated to begin offering the Starlink product,” said Jim Slack, president of the MRO division. “Its simplified design means minimal downtime for installation and allows us to integrate it with routine maintenance intervals.”

Elevate Jet also maintains a diverse fleet of private jet aircraft for charter to fit any trip or budget and provides tailored travel solutions to meet business and personal travel needs. Elevate Jet is regularly audited by third-party industry examiners, including Argus and Wyvern, and it has been accepted into the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management System Voluntary Program (FAA SMSVP), a distinction that only the top 2% of U.S. Part 135 Carriers have managed to achieve.

frontline.io and Hololight Partner to Deliver AR/VR Solutions for Industrial Training and Support at Scale

frontline.io, a pioneer in AR/VR solutions for training and operational support, and Hololight, the leading specialist in XR streaming solutions for industrial enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the enterprise XR market for training and operational support. The combination of frontline’s strengths in interactive 3D virtual training and remote augmented reality support with Hololight’s enterprise XR streaming platform, Hololight Hub, will create a superior offering for manufacturing companies, covering a wider range of use cases through high fidelity visualization, enhanced security and eliminating the need for data preparation. As a new member of Hololight’s ISV Partner Program, frontline.io will leverage Hololight’s proprietary XR streaming technology and the Hololight Hub streaming platform to set a new standard for delivering augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and digital twin technology to global machine hardware manufacturers.

Training and Remote Support Powered by XR Streaming

Operations are hampered by heavy reliance on experts, long training times, and poor update/feedback processes. Skill gaps, low millennial engagement, and high travel costs add to the operational burden and require immediate action to improve efficiency and reduce costs. frontline.io improves operational efficiency through its suite of immersive training and support software tools. Its unique SaaS platform simplifies and transforms training and support, improving productivity and reducing costs.

By leveraging the Hololight Hub infrastructure, frontline.io users will benefit from a centralized XR streaming platform that further simplifies the distribution and management of AR and VR applications. This integration will provide seamless access to frontline.io’s tools, ensuring high-quality, highly secure, interactive training and support across multiple devices. In addition, combining Hololight’s XR streaming technology with frontline.io’s platform will enhance performance and scalability, delivering an unparalleled immersive experience to users worldwide. Manufacturers can easily empower their teams with frontline.io, saving time and money with interactive 3D virtual training, augmented reality remote support and real-time analytics. In addition, this partnership offers Hololight customers the opportunity to leverage frontline’s innovative solutions through the Hololight Hub platform, strengthening both companies’ presence in the current market and opening doors to new markets and customers.

Driving Business Innovation with Immersive Technologies

“frontline.io is an exceptional solution that addresses the key challenges manufacturing companies face in their field operations. By leveraging our breakthrough XR streaming technology and robust management platform, Hololight Hub, together we are setting a new standard for how AR and VR can improve operational efficiency and learning experiences,” said Helmut Gulde, chief corporate development officer at Hololight.

“Our partnership with frontline.io marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the landscape of enterprise spatial computing,” added Florian Haspinger, CEO of Hololight. “By combining our strengths, we are not only expanding the capabilities of AR, VR and digital twin technologies, but also ensuring that these innovations are scalable, efficient and secure for enterprises around the world.”

”This partnership marks an exciting moment in our journey to transform the way hardware manufacturers around the world train, engage and support their customers. We are confident that our combined technology, customer network and expertise will accelerate adoption of AR and VR solutions across multiple industries, bringing services and support into a new, more efficient era,” said Itzhak Pichadze CEO, frontline.io.

By joining forces, frontline.io and Hololight are strengthening their shared vision of using immersive technology to create real value for businesses.

ForeFlight to Integrate Aireon Data into Business Aviation Flight Tracking Product

Aireon has entered into an agreement with ForeFlight to supply its AireonSTREAM data for ForeFlight’s Dispatch flight planning product.

ForeFlight Dispatch serves as a hub connecting advanced flight planning tools with external resources, streamlining workflows and providing a frictionless communication channel between flight planners and pilots. With Tracking, ForeFlight’s latest offering built on top of Dispatch, operators can use real-time AireonSTREAM data for flight tracking within the platform, creating even greater situational awareness and efficiency for business jet and general aviation operators. The integrated product will allow flight departments better insights into the status of any flight to keep their organizations coordinated and running smoothly.

“The safety-grade data from Aireon can unlock significant safety and operational improvements for the business aviation operators. We are looking forward to partnering with ForeFlight to showcase the potential of Aireon data to the business aviation community,” said Peter Cabooter, Aireon vice president of customer affairs.

AireonSTREAM is a set of APIs that enable stakeholders to access Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency, global coverage Air Traffic Service (ATS) surveillance-grade data. With AireonSTREAM, organizations can securely harness and tailor ADS-B data to gain actionable insights, make smarter decisions, and optimize their operations.

“We’re excited to work with Aireon to provide space-based ADS-B tracking. Having this information in ForeFlight Dispatch gives operators a comprehensive view of their operations and empowers them to manage and resolve disruptions in real-time,” said Tim Schuetze, ForeFlight CEO.

Cessna Citation Ascend Program Advances With Successful Certification Tests and Extensive Flight Testing

Textron Aviation announced the continued advancement of the Cessna Citation Ascend program following the successful completion by the prototype aircraft of numerous certification tests and more than 350 flight test hours. The Citation Ascend business jet was unveiled during the 2023 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) and the aircraft is expected to enter into service in 2025.

The newest Citation is designed to bring a new cockpit, improved performance and a more luxurious cabin to the midsize business jet market. The aircraft’s state-of-the-art avionics including autothrottle, high payload capacity and impressive range offer customers reduced pilot workload and the ability to do more and go farther.

“With the prototype aircraft’s successful completion of rigorous certification tests and over 350 flight test hours, we are confident in the development progress of the Citation Ascend,” said Chris Hearne, senior vice president, Engineering & Programs. “The success of the program to date highlights the skill and commitment of our teams in designing and delivering the best aviation experience for customers.”

The Citation Ascend prototype aircraft has successfully completed testing that includes:

  • Extreme hot and cold weather testing, ensuring aircraft systems are functional and operational at extreme temperatures
  • Bird strike
  • Braking performance
  • Tire burst
  • Cockpit and cabin window static and residual strength

The aircraft’s systems simulator test rig, known as an “Iron Bird,” continues to make strides in its development and support of the program advancement. Leveraging unique Textron Aviation engineering and manufacturing techniques, the test system incorporates the design of the aircraft’s avionics, electrical and engine control systems to support pilot familiarization and flight scenarios.

The Citation Ascend features Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545D engines, nearing certification by Transport Canada Civil Aviation, are designed to deliver improved fuel efficiency, increased thrust and longer time-on-wing for eligible customers. The engine uses new materials and technology – including a more efficient high-pressure compressor and an enhanced single stage high-pressure turbine module. The PW545D engines are also equipped with a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), enabling the new autothrottle technology and ensuring they operate at their maximum efficiency and with reduced pilot workload.

Textron Aviation’s Company-Owned Service Centers Receive Recertification as a Green Aviation Business from NATA

Textron Aviation’s commitment to sustainability was recognized as its global service network received recertification as a Green Aviation Business from the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). This recognition is part of NATA’s Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses program, which encourages environmental sustainability within the industry.

Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker customers receive factory-direct support, maintenance and modifications by Textron Aviation Inc. through its global network of service and part centers, mobile service units and 24/7 1CALL AOG support.

Four of Textron Aviation’s 20 company-owned service centers — Singapore, Paris, Zurich and Indianapolis — recertified their Tier 1 status, going above and beyond NATA’s certification requirements and implementing additional sustainable practices.

This includes phasing out single-use plastic items, installing motion-sensor lighting and ensuring energy-efficient kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures. These locations have also developed policies to reduce idling in ground support equipment. For the first time this year, the company’s Valencia Service Center achieved Tier 2 status.

“We continue to invest in our processes and facilities to encourage sustainable solutions across the globe, because we understand the importance of driving economic growth while preserving our natural resources,” said Brian Rohloff, senior vice president, Customer Support.

To achieve base-level certification, all facilities must establish a baseline carbon footprint and work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They must also offer recycling programs, implement paperless systems, install LED lighting and reduce the use of plastic water bottles. The company is actively supporting the development of sustainable propulsion solutions, such as hydrogen electric and hybrid electric, and remains actively engaged in sustainability initiatives within the aviation industry.

Sustainability at Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation is committed to environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation and supports the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change. Aligned with the overarching vision of Textron Inc., Textron Aviation has set forth enterprise-wide goals, spanning a five-year horizon, to forge a path towards a greener future. By the close of 2025, the company aims to curtail greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, while concurrently striving to achieve a 10% reduction in energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation.

Additionally, Textron Aviation has harnessed the power of renewable wind energy to meet nearly all its electricity needs in Kansas. This blend of sustainability and innovation serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Robust investments in Textron Aviation’s products and facilities encourage sustainability in its designs and operations. The Beechcraft Denali and Cessna Citation Ascend embody the company’s dedication to reducing emissions and enhancing efficiency through its aircraft projects. Customers are offered the opportunity to take delivery of their aircraft utilizing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and they can refuel their aircraft with this environmentally friendly alternative at the company’s service center in Wichita, Kansas.

Duncan Aviation’s Houston Satellite Installs Starlink

Duncan Aviation announced recently that its satellite shop in Houston, Texas, has installed its first Starlink in-flight, internet connectivity system in a GL-XRS. “The customer couldn’t be happier as the installation proceeded without a hitch, and once installed, Starlink fired up immediately,” a company statement said. “Not only that, but as he flew home, the customer streamed three movies simultaneously and Facetimed with his wife. He couldn’t have been happier with the speeds achieved or the bandwidth that allowed so much activity with virtually unnoticeable latency.”

“Although this was our first installation, the avionics and structures teams were impressed by the well-organized Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and kit that allowed us to perform the installation well within the three weeks we had allotted,” said Mark Winter, Houston satellite manager. “We expected to encounter some problems since it was our first Starlink installation, but it couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”

The Duncan Aviation Satellite shop in Houston has seven more Starlink installations planned in the coming weeks and months, including two additional aircraft for the GL-XRS customer.

One of the reasons the Starlink installation requires relatively short downtime is because it’s an internet-only system. While it does have the capability to integrate with Cabin Management Systems (CMS) or any other system on the aircraft, it doesn’t need to. Using their own devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, passengers may connect to their office’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), stream media, play games, or Facetime with family and enjoy uninterrupted coverage around the world.

The Duncan Aviation team in Houston has been installing avionics systems in aircraft for the better part of three decades, and they’re “pretty amazed by how revolutionary this system is in terms of ease of use.”

“We performed power and ground checks, and as soon as we powered up the Starlink system and sent the serial numbers for the aeroterminal to Starlink, the system was active within minutes, and we ran our tests,” Winter said. “We achieved significantly faster up- and download speeds than Starlink had told us to expect, and our customer was extremely pleased by that.”

In early March of this year, Duncan Aviation finalized a dealership agreement to sell and install hardware for the Starlink high-speed, in-flight internet connectivity system on a growing list of makes and models. All of Duncan Aviation’s full-service facilities and many of its Satellites shops are qualified and authorized to perform the installations.

PEM-AIR Turbine Engine Services Announces Grand Opening of New Facility, Expanding Capacity and Capabilities for Commercial Aviation Aftermarket

Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services (Pem-Air) announced the grand opening of its brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. The 80,000-square-foot facility represents a significant expansion for Pem-Air, signifying the company’s unwavering commitment to serving the commercial aviation aftermarket with excellence and innovation.

“Pem-Air’s growth is a testament to our team’s dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service and results,” said Virgil D. Pizer, CEO of Pem-Air. “This new facility signifies a giant leap forward in our capabilities and efficiency, allowing us to better serve the needs of our valued clients.”

Seven Times the Capacity

The new facility boasts seven times the capacity of Pem-Air’s previous space. This remarkable expansion includes over 20 engine bays, with the potential to accommodate up to 35 depending on configuration. This expanded capacity allows Pem-Air to cater to a wider range of aircraft engines, particularly specializing in the GE-90 and Trent 800 engines, with the same level of precision and expertise they are known for. Pem-Air will continue to service a comprehensive range of engine types, including CFM56, CF6, CF34, V2500, JT9D, JT3D/TF33, PW2000, PW4000, and RB211.

A New Era of Aviation Excellence

The new facility positions Pem-Air to be at the forefront in the commercial aviation MRO industry. With increased capacity and advanced technology, Pem-Air is prepared to deliver faster turnaround times, exceptional service, and unmatched expertise to its customers.

“We are thrilled to usher in a new era of aviation excellence with the opening of this facility,” said Pizer. “Pem-Air is ready to soar to greater heights and deliver the quality and service you deserve.”

WISER Systems, Inc. Unveils New Software Analytics at MRO Americas 2024

WISER Systems is unveiling its latest graphical user interface (GUI) enhancement for its ATLAS, the enterprise-wide live positioning system. The company says its new GUI is a testament to their commitment to innovation and enhanced customer usability in real-time asset tracking.

The enhanced GUI features improved search functionality, enhanced graphical features for better visualization of thousands of tagged items, upgraded tag reassignment capabilities for faster throughput and enhanced tag rules and notifications.

ATLAS provides precise, wireless location tracking for hundreds to thousands of tagged items in real-time, even within densely packed metallic environments. This advanced system maintains high accuracy while minimizing infrastructure requirements, ensuring easy installation and usage.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from deploying WISER ATLAS site and campus-wide, enabling seamless association of work orders or part numbers with tags via the WISER mobile/desktop app. This association facilitates instant tracking throughout and beyond manufacturing facilities, capturing processes indoors and outdoors.

Utilizing proprietary UWB Redundant Radio Location & Tracking (RRLT) technology, WISER’s ATLAS addresses Industry 4.0 priorities such as smart manufacturing, operational improvements, warehouse management, inventory control, supply chain logistics, and yard management.

Mark Dirks, chief revenue officer at WISER Systems, emphasized the significance of the new GUI enhancement, stating, “Our enhanced GUI will significantly improve the user experience with WISER’s ATLAS. It revolutionizes asset tracking by enabling real-time, high accuracy tracking of thousands to tens of thousands of work orders and assets simultaneously, even in challenging industrial environments. The system offers unparalleled accuracy with minimal infrastructure requirements, making it a cost-effective solution with rapid return on investment.”

WISER Systems’ dedication to innovation continues to propel advancements in real-time asset tracking, empowering companies to optimize operations and achieve greater efficiency.