Corso Magenta Receives EASA Approval

Smart applications and painting solutions provider, Corso Magenta, has achieved EASA approval. transforms liquid paint into a dry paint film. On Thursday June 23, 2022, EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) approved the CorsoPatch Aircraft fast paint repair solution. The efforts of the Corso Magenta team have been rewarded, as this approval attests that CorsoPatch Aircraft meets, as a standard repair solution, the safety and airworthiness requirements set by the European Union.
The solution is now applicable to aircraft from manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and ART.

The process increases the robustness of paint, eliminates drying time and makes it possible to integrate functionalities. The company says their technology offers “efficient and responsible solutions” to multiple sectors, by offering five key functionalizations:

– RFID Shielding for retail and supply chain
– Sustainable protection and decoration for retail and construction
– In-factory dry finishes for modular construction
– Fast repairs for aeronautics, maritime and defense
– Drapable paint for industries

Each solution, the company says, saves time for maintenance, manufacturing, operations and production processes.

Aviation Application
CorsoPatch Aircraft is a dry paint patch, dedicated to fast repair of paint damage on airplanes (wings and fuselage) from impacts in operation (lightning, erosion) and in maintenance. Manufactured from qualified aeronautical paints, CorsoPatch Aircraft is composed of a solidified paint film with an adhesive, supported by a liner and a protective film. Developed since October 2016, CorsoPatch Aircraft was born from the “SYSCO” project, as part of the Dual Innovation Support Scheme “RAPID” supported by the French army. The development of this technology has been made possible thanks to state (DGA, DMAé) and industrial (Airbus, Air France Industries) partners.

Corso Magenta says their paint patch solution can reduce maintenance downtime by 85% and therefore increasing aircraft uptime. “While traditional repairs using liquid paint take up to 10 hours, repairs with CorsoPatch Aircraft are performed in less than 40 minutes, saving an hour and a half of manpower, and eliminating eight hours of drying time.