DART Debuts Approved Mx Center Network

DART’s new Approved Maintenance Center network will make its official debut at Heli-Expo 2016. DART will showcase its success stories on landing gear, emergency flotation equipment and repair and overhaul services. The company says it is reinforcing their dedication to innovation, technology and efficiency.

DART’s will reveal new cutting-edge products such as Heavy Duty Heli-Access-Steps, High Capacity Cargo Net and the Quick Release Maintenance Steps all for the AW139 helicopter.

DART says it will continue to prove its industry leadership for lightweight flotation equipment with increased accessibility and deployment speed that can help to saves lives when seconds count. The company encourages visits to see how to benefit from up to 130 lbs weight reduction on the AW139 and maximize loading operations with over 30 percent of extra cargo capacity. Also learn how about reducing the maintenance burden on AW139 emergency float systems with up to 50 percent less inspections.

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