Emitech Group Invests €10m in Vehicle Homologation and Qualification of Large Systems

Emitech, a French company in environmental testing to ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations, announced the inauguration of its new test center dedicated to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic equipment, as well as vehicle homologation and large system qualification.

A unique testing facility in Europe
Emitech Group laboratories are specialized in environmental testing, subjecting equipment to stresses representative of real-world conditions such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, vibration, shock, dust, corrosion and other environmental factors to assess their compliance.

The new test center has the largest (27m x 18m x 10.5m) and most recent Faraday cage built in France. This facility is dedicated to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to ensure that electronic equipment works together without interference. It is used to meet the needs of homologation (UN ECE R10) of a wide range of vehicles, as well as for the qualification of large systems.

The center has a 2 or 4 wheel drive chassis dynamometer for vehicles to be tested in running order, which can simulate speeds of up to 120km/h and wind speeds of up to 60km/h, with a wheelbase of up to 6 meters and a carrying capacity of up to 6 tonnes per axle, allowing test campaigns to be carried out on truck tractors or agricultural equipment.

The facility includes various easements to accommodate all current and future motorizations: petrol or diesel combustion engines, micro-hybrids, hybrids and rechargeable hybrids, electricity and hydrogen. It also has a heavy load area that can support up to 40 tonnes, allowing it to accommodate construction machinery and equipment of high tonnage and volume encountered in the various sectors of defence, aeronautics, rail, nuclear and industry.

Image caption: Marc Mortureux, DG de la PFA, Mathieu Cognet, PDG Emitech, Stéphane Lassausse DG Emitech, Charles Rodwell, Député de la 1ere circonscription des Yvelines.

Sustainable mobility
This new €10 million investment is part of the Emitech Group’s strategy to support sustainable mobility. It reinforces the Group’s skills in the evaluation of anti-pollution devices with Euro6 and Euro7 measures to support manufacturers and equipment suppliers in their objectives of lowering pollutant emissions. The Emitech Group’s testing and engineering solutions also extend to vehicle sub-assemblies such as lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, powertrains, etc.


About the Emitech Group – www.emitech.fr

Emitech was created in 1989 and, with its subsidiaries Eurocem, Adetests, Environne’Tech, Pieme, Lefae, EMC, EEA and R&D Moteurs, forms the Emitech Group.
With 600 employees and an expected turnover of nearly 60 million euros in 2022, the Emitech Group has become a midcap.
The Emitech Group is a family-owned and patrimonial company whose head office is located in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78).
The Group is present on 18 sites with test centres dedicated to the design and validation of current and future mobility solutions on one hand and, on the other, to the qualification, CE marking and marketing of products of all kinds.
Profits are fully reinvested and investments amounting to 12 to 20% of turnover are made each year to develop the range of services offered.

Several projects carried out by the Group have benefited from government support (Ademe, France Relance).
The services offered by the Emitech Group cover environmental requirements and include testing and engineering, training, bench design and metrology. These tests and engineering services are part of sustainable mobility, the safety of goods and people, the construction of product robustness, and support for the launch of products in Europe and around the world.
The Emitech Group is a major player in the implementation of standards that protect consumers and our industries. It is a notified body for several European directives.

It also contributes to national sovereignty by enabling the qualification of defence-related equipment in France. 40% of the Group’s activities are directly related to sustainable mobility.

The Emitech Group is also involved in the evaluation of anti-pollution devices with the Euro6 and now Euro7 measures in order to support manufacturers and equipment suppliers in their objectives of lowering pollutant emissions. The Emitech Group’s services cover the whole range of sustainable mobility, from electrically assisted bicycles to eVTOLs.