Northern Pacific Airways Signs for TRAX eMRO Software

Northern Pacific Airways is finalizing its plans to launch a new low-cost long-haul airline on June 2nd with a fleet of 757-200 aircraft. While route plans are being firmed up, the airline plans to fly to destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York city and Orlando from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The airline is planning to attract passengers embarking on weekend breaks to Las Vegas and looking for a quick and affordable mode of transport. Flights will take just one hour, while driving between the Los Angeles area and Las Vegas clocks in at over four hours.

Northern Pacific has inked a deal with TRAX to implement the web-based eMRO software system to
manage maintenance activities on its fleet. Implementing the eMRO cloud solution with its leading-
edge technology will bring many advantages to Northern Pacific. Its users will work paperless and have
maximum mobility while accessing required documentation and electronic data, viewing assigned
maintenance tasks, receiving real-time updates on planned and completed work, tapping into
integrated materials modules, and an overall increase in lowered costs, enhanced productivity, and