NUVITE Introduces New Products

NUVITE Chemical Compounds, global manufacturer & distributor of appearance maintenance products continues to meet industry-specific needs, enhancing its product line with two new products: NULUCENT, Translucent Surface Cleaner and POWER PAX, Drop-In Lavatory Deodorant Packets.

NULUCENT is specially formulated for plastic aircraft windows, but this apply, dry, wipe cleaner is used on a variety of surfaces, including windshields, headlights, instrument lenses, face shields, flexible canvas covers, portholes & more. In fact, NULUCENT is safe to use on any translucent plastic or glass surface, leaving surfaces streak-free and crystal clear. Good on grease, lubricating oil, soil, bird droppings & insect carcasses, regular maintenance with NULUCENT delivers additional benefits – preserving & protecting the surface by reducing fine scratch marks, preventing further degradation and redeposition of soil.

POWER PAX is the perfect addition to NUVITE’s ever-efficient line of lavatory products. Engineered to meet environmental regulatory standards, POWER PAX is a convenient, no mess solution, delivering superior odor control at any time. Its concentrated, powder formula quickly dissolves, releasing essential oils that immediately leave lavatories smelling fresher. POWER PAX packets are made of completely soluble paper, ensuring zero gumming of valves pumps and lines, as seen with plastic packets. POWER PAX is a sure bet for aircraft lavatory systems, portable toilets in RV’s & trucks, marine toilets & ship heads, camping toilets & Port-a-Johns – in fact ANY chemical toilet will benefit from POWER PAX.

As a division of Universal Photonics Incorporated, global leader in critical surfacing technology, NUVITE is supported with state-of-the-art laboratory, manufacturing & distribution facilities. NUVITE’s top quality product line includes compounds, polishes, sealants for brightwork & paint care, cleaners for exterior & interior care, along with complementing, professional-level equipment & accessories – everything needed to achieve the most coveted, sought after, “Showroom Shine.”