Retired Aircraft Mechanic Must Stand Trial

A retired aircraft mechanic, Andrew Lester, must stand trial for a shooting in Missouri in April 2023. 84-year-old Andrew Lester was at home when a person rang his doorbell. The person was Ralph Yarl, a teenager who was on an errand to pick up his younger twin brothers. He mistakenly went to the wrong house and rang the bell. That house belonged to Lester. Lester claimed that he felt threatened, got his gun and shot through the door, injuring the 16-year-old. Yarl was shot in the head. The injury put the teenager in intensive care but he survived.

Reports say after Yarl rang the bell, Lester came to the door brandished his gun, and said, “Don’t come here ever again.” Yarl backed away, but Lester allegedly shot him in the head, according to an NBC News report, then shot him again after he fell to the ground. Lester was initially released on bond. Lester is face one charge of felony assault in the first degree and another count of felony of armed criminal action.