Titan Ground Power Cables Reduce Aircraft Receptacle Wear

Cooper Interconnect announced the addition of the Titan Ground PowerTM Series of cable assemblies and field-replaceable adapters to their Burton Family of aviation products. Advanced interconnect technologies decrease mating forces by 40 percent and demating by 60 percent, significantly increasing the service life of military and commercial aircraft receptacles and reducing receptacle related Aircraft On Ground (AOG) instances.

Cable-assembly connectors and optional “nosepiece” adapters incorporate precisely positioned, floating sockets that independently adjust to aircraft receptacle pins. A six-tine socket design improves engagement cycle force consistency, which also contributes to extending the service life of airframe mounted, 400Hz receptacles.

In addition to precisely positioning the sockets, glass-filled epoxy carriers internal to the cable connectors and adapters protect the bolts, pins and sockets. They also ensure that the adapter bolts can be removed even after being run over by aircraft tugs and terminal-support vehicles.

The optional adapter is field replaceable in minutes and is less than 50 percent of the cost of a ground-power cable refurbishment. The adapter incorporates all of the design features of the molded cable assembly connector that reduce aircraft receptacle wear, receptacle-related AOG expenses and schedule delays.

Titan Ground PowerTM cables are available in banded, jacketed and six-around-one configurations. These rugged products are rated for full-load operation from -67°F to +185°F and meet SAE AS7974 testing of 20 foot-pounds impact at -67°F. A molded-in strain relieves fuses and environmentally seals the cable jacket directly to the connector.

Standard configurations are available in 12 weeks A.R.O. Quick-turn modifications include: application-specific molded materials, platings, colors, cable lengths and low-inductance designs.

For more information, please visit www.cooperinterconnect.com or call 805.484.0543.

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