ASM Adds to STC Portfolio

Aircraft Systems & Manufacturing, Inc., ASM, has announced an important addition to their STC Portfolio. The FAA has issued STC ST11144SC to ASM, for the installation of ADS-B compliant equipment (Extended Squitter Mode S Transponders and GPS Position Source) on B737-300/-400/-500 Series aircraft. This modification supports ADS-B Out in foreign (non-US) airspace and EHS and ELS Operation. The surveillance application, as installed, periodically transmits aircraft parameters via data link to available airborne or ground-based receivers. The data so transmitted includes Position, Position Integrity Information, Pressure Altitude and Aircraft Identification (Flight ID). Also transmitted as part of the EHS/ELS utilized by EASA and adopted by CASA are Magnetic Heading, Indicated Airspace, Mach No., Vertical Rate, Roll Angle, Track Angle Rate, True Track Angle, Ground Speed and Selected Altitude. The information so transmitted is broadcast without any knowledge of which users may be receiving it and without expectation of acknowledgement or reply. No flight crew action is required for the transmission.

ASM says this STC is a significant initial program in their full commitment to ADS-B, as mandated throughout much of international airspace before decade’s end, and to the broader FAA Next Gen goals. ADS-B and Next Gen will offer the following critical benefits to operators:

  • Enhanced safety through increased situation awareness.
  • Increased Air Traffic Capacity through reduced separation standards.
  • Greater fuel savings through more efficient operations, particularly during take-off and landing procedures.
  • Significantly reduced environmental impact through the adoption of more favorable flight paths.

Other ASM STCs may be viewed at

ASM says it has also brought a significant enhancement to its manufacturing processes. ASM has acquired and has trained its manufacturing technicians in the use of the Spectrum Technologies Capris 50-100 laser wire marker. ASM customers of all newly manufactured assemblies and kits will enjoy the full benefits of this technology.

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