Acme Cub’s Raffle Plane Moving Forward Quickly

Acme Cub says they have wasted no time diving into the construction of a new/restored Supercub for the Alaskan Airmen’s 2021 Annual Raffle Aircraft. Steve Williams started with a new bare steel tube fuselage assembly from Airframes Alaska and has already added numerous steel tabs, head set hooks, seat belt brackets, welded nut plates for floorboards, and attached the steel frames for the rudder and stabilizer group.

Utilizing a Wipaire STC, Williams has welded in the arm needed to increase the gross weight to 2,000 pounds (250 lbs. over stock). He has also increased the number of nut plates that will secure the skylight; welded hi-temp #10 nuts to the brake master cylinder attach points which make the master cylinders removable; and welded nut plates to the floorboard tabs so the floorboards can be removed. Work has commenced on restoring the wings that will be used on the Raffle Cub using Univair ribs from Stoddard Aircraft Parts.

Williams has until April 15, 2021 to complete the project. “I’m comfortable with the progress to date,” said Williams. “Still a long ways to go, but we’re making good progress.” With 30 years of experience in rebuilding and developing mods for the Supercub, Williams expects to roll out a significantly better than factory new aircraft next April.

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