AeroWorx gets a Sign from Above!

It’s been almost one and half years since AeroWorx, a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, moved into its new building on 237th Street in Torrance, California.

“A lot of things have changed since December of 2011. I’m very proud of our company and everyone who worked so hard to maximize its success,” says Gary Furlong, AeroWorx president. Ignited by a name change, AeroWorx moved into a much larger facility located just five minutes from the Torrance Airport. From that day forward, AeroWorx has experienced a rapid expansion. Part of this growth process involved hiring on more staff, investing in new test equipment, remodeling, and finally getting a new sign for the building.

“Every day something new and exciting is happening here, I love the company I work for and I am looking forward to growing right along with it,” says customer service manager, Lisa Furlong. Today was a special day for AeroWorx employees as they all gathered out in front of the building to admire the new signage. AeroWorx has feels it has come a long way and looks forward to another year of continual growth.

AeroWorx, formly Aero Pneudraulics, is a certified repair station located in Torrance, California.

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