AFI KLM E&M Announces Several Contracts at MRO Europe

First, AFI KLM E&M is to carry out cabin modification work on three Corsairfly 747s. The contract includes engineering development, EASA major certification and kit procurement, prior to any actual modification work. These engineering studies began in September 2011 in Paris and were completed summer 2012. September 23 this year, the first aircraft was send to AFI KLM E&M’s Amsterdam facility for modification implementation. The modifications included the installation of new seating, a new generation video system and new galleys. AFI KLM E&M was also responsible for cabin modifications on two Corsairfly A330s. Both cabins were modified and delivered a few months ago in Orly and are now flying with whole satisfaction of Corsair and its customers.

“Corsairfly is one of our oldest clients. We know them very well and our relations are excellent. Among other work, we carried out two C-Checks for them last year: they trust us to do our job well,” says Ton Dortmans, KLM E&M EVP. “These contracts are important for us, and our staff is mobilized to provide an impeccable service in the allotted timeframe.”

Next, Regional has signed a long-term agreement with AFI KLM E&M for the maintenance of the Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) equipping its fleet of Embraer E-170s and E-190s, for a total of 26 aircraft. The scope of the contract, carried out by EPCOR, the AFI KLM E&M group subsidiary specializing in the maintenance of APUs and pneumatic systems, includes repair services for the APUs concerned and, where necessary, the supply of spare units.

AFI KLM E&M says it has also enjoyed a very active period on the Turkish market. which has seen impressive growth over the past decade, trebling the number of its airplanes, with 350 currently in service. AFI KLM E&M says it signed several MRO agreements with MNG Airlines, ULS Airlines, Pegasus, ACT Airlines and Freebird Airlines since 2011. Very recently, an additional significant agreement was concluded with Corendon Airlines for CFM56-7B maintenance, including leases during engines shop visits.

“We have always reacted to the requests from our Turkish clients with a responsive, adaptive approach. The availability of our engines, APU’s and components, added to the possibility of managing maintenance needs, is a considerable asset. We are enjoying an excellent working relationship with our Turkish clients,” says Gerard Hunter AFI KLM E&M general sales manager for the Southern European region.


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