Air West Airlines Selects JDA for Part 135 Certification Help

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions (JDA) has announced that Air West Airlines, a Tulsa, OK startup charter operator, has contracted with JDA for the 135Pro certification support program.

According to JDA, 135Pro is a low-cost Part 135 certification support program designed to simplify the process and lower costs associated with obtaining a Part 135 Certificate.

The 135Pro certification support program includes manuals specifically tailored to help new charter operators and corporate flight departments satisfy FAA requirements.  A customized web-based application and document manager enables the owner/operator to store and access all Part 135 requirements and obtain full-time support from the JDA expert 135 team.

“After trying for several years to complete the Part 135 Certificate process on my own I turned to the experts at JDA to help me manage and complete the 135 certificate process   JDA has extensive FAA and Part 135 experience and there is no doubt that using JDA for 135 certificate support will pay great dividends.” said Harold Gay, owner of Air West Airlines.

“JDA understands the challenges that new 135 operators have to address.  135Pro is a comprehensive program that provides manuals, training as well as coordination and interface with the FAA, minimizing the burden that new 135 operators face in getting certified.” said Tom Stuckey, JDA vice president of Business and Commercial Aviation Solutions and manager of the 135Pro program.

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