Airbus Corporate Jet Center Makes Good Start to Year in VIP MRO Services

The Airbus Corporate Jet Center (ACJC), the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and customized nose-to-tail services, has won many maintenance and cabin upgrade & refurbishment contract signatures since the beginning of the year, confirming the ACJ customer community’s confidence in its expertise as a VIP maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) center.

At the end of 2012, ACJC successfully signed a VIP Services deal with an undisclosed governmental customer of the Middle-East for maintenance working parties – including a 24 month check – combined with a cabin system upgrade (IFE installation) and partial cabin refurbishment on three Airbus ACJ320. The refurbishment included the definition and implementation of new VIP business seats in the aircraft’s forward area, in a project led by Sylvain Mariat, head of ACJC’s Creative Design Studio.

At the beginning of 2013 ACJC also signed a contract with an undisclosed private customer in Asia for a cabin system upgrade (Swift Broad Band – SBB – and Wi-Fi system installation) combined with a six-year maintenance check on an Airbus ACJ319.

In March this year ACJC won a call for tender for an Airbus ACJ319 owned by the State Air Enterprise of Ukraine. Further to this, three maintenance working parties will take place by the end of 2013. The customer has expressed its satisfaction with carrying on the mutual cooperation started in 2011, which included previous maintenance checks and support services.

In May this year, ACJC welcomed an Airbus ACJ319 for a five-year maintenance check. Having led the VIP cabin completion for this undisclosed private customer in the Middle-East, Airbus Corporate Jet Center has again been selected for a new maintenance check, confirming the customer’s confidence in the ACJC VIP Services team.

By the end of June, Airbus Corporate Jet Center will achieve installation of several additional center tanks (ACTs) on an undisclosed head of state ACJ in the Middle-East.

“In signing many contracts in 2012 and 2013, covering a large range of services from maintenance checks to cabin system upgrades and refurbishments, Airbus Corporate Jet Center has confirmed its leadership as a dedicated Airbus corporate jet VIP services provider,” says Jérôme Ferasin, head of Services Sales. “Our ACJ contracts signed are worldwide, which shows that, by having built on our recognized experience since 2007, we are able to meet the specific requirements of our different ACJ customers: private individuals, companies and Heads of State,” he adds.

As a fully owned subsidiary of Airbus, Airbus Corporate Jet Center is certificated to perform airframe and cabin maintenance on the full Airbus corporate jet family under EASA and a growing number of foreign authorities’ approvals, including those of Aruba, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bermudas, Cayman Islands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Ukraine, and recently, Russia.

“ACJC has recently expanded it Services Sales team, with experienced and cosmopolitan profiles, to meet the growing needs of its ACJ customers,” points out Benoit Defforge, CEO of the Airbus Corporate Jet Center. “The best proof is the success of our VIP customized package of services called VIP Pass, launched in 2009,” he adds. ACJC has already signed several VIP Pass contracts and its new VIP Services team will continue developing this customised offer – unique in the MRO market – for the needs of the ACJ customer community.

VIP Pass

Airbus Corporate Jet Center’s VIP Pass is a suite of seven customizable services, covering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in a single package. With ACJC’s VIP Pass, ACJ operators can tailor their own package, reflecting their support strategy, around the following services:
- System upgrade and cabin refurbishment
- Airframe maintenance
 -Engine and nacelle full support
 -Spares management (pool & repair)
- Airworthiness & maintenance engineering services (CAMO)
 -Entry Into Service & On-Site assistance
 -Access to aircraft manufacturer services


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