Airbus selects Safran’s data loading systems for A320 family

Safran Electronics & Defense announced on 30 August that it has been chosen by Airbus to modernise all data loading systems for the avionics suites on its A320 family of commercial jets (A319, A320, A321).


This selection gives Safran access to a market of thousands of airplanes already in service or on order, especially the new A320neo family, which incorporates this system as standard equipment. It also consolidates Safran’s long-term position as a major player in onboard maintenance, working with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other operators.


Safran’s latest system, an upgrade to its line of data loading solutions, increases upload capacity, while also addressing new requirements in the air transport sector: guaranteeing the security of avionics equipment by checking the integrity and authenticity of the software to be uploaded, maintaining compatibility with the systems running on current portable data loaders, and simplifying operations.


Safran’s new data loading system will also accelerate uploading operations, a critical function for systems that require periodic updates, espacially the flight management system (FMS).

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