Aircraft Spruce Offers True-Lock Fastener Systems

True-Lock and Aircraft Spruce have partnered together to provide the only STC’d fastener system to the aviation community.
Boise, Idaho-based True-Lock says it is the only patented aviation wheel fastener system in the world that holds an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for axle nut technology. “True-Lock aviation fastener systems reduce premature wear on all wheel-end assembly components (brakes, bearings, axles, including tires and wheels). These systems eliminate the conventional axle nut system’s inherent adverse torque setting characteristics off-set by the castle nut and cotter pin (end-play),” noted Leslie Weinstein, founder and inventor of the True-Lock technology. “The result is a substantial savings in part replacement and aircraft downtime,” continued Weinstein. Jim Irwin, president of Aircraft Spruce added, “True-Lock aviation fastener products are a superior method of maintaining a positive lock on aircraft wheels, and Aircraft Spruce is pleased to offer True-Lock products to the aviation market.”
The True-Lock Aviation Fastener Systems are available for fixed wing aircraft as well as rotor-craft.

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