Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) Hires Culpepper as Chief Product Officer

Mark-Culpepper_110Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announced that CEO Charles Picasso has selected Mark Culpepper as chief product officer.

“Our new vision will create tremendous value across the entire general aviation maintenance lifecycle through an integrated suite of ‘smart content’ services,” said Charles Picasso, who took the helm as ATP’s new CEO in 2015. “This unified process management will enable maintenance providers to drive dramatic improvements in productivity, cost savings, and aircraft utilizations, while also preventing costly regulatory lapses. Mark’s deep expertise in designing and executing leading edge, cloud-based SaaS implementations will be extremely valuable in supporting this vision of optimized information management.”

Culpepper is responsible for leading all aspects of ATP’s product development process, including architecting and executing the company’s new product vision and strategy. As chief product officer, he oversees the product and technology development teams to ensure they are working in alignment as ATP transforms into a services-oriented company that will enable customers to seamlessly manage all of their end-to-end maintenance processes—ranging from compliance tracking to inventory management to maintenance forecasting.

Culpepper boasts two and a half decades of experience as a senior technology executive with global infrastructure businesses—working in sectors ranging from data communications and wireless technology to network security and distributed energy. A published technical author with deep domain knowledge of infrastructure systems, Culpepper has been quoted in national media, in addition to providing sworn testimony in front of the U.S. Senate.

Culpepper’s experience includes roles as chief technology officer and GM of Global Services at SunEdison, where he led the development of the world’s first global service operations infrastructure for distributed solar energy systems.

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