Airinmar Launches New Reporting Solution

AirStat Dashboard400Airinmar recently added a new reporting system to its online suite of systems, AirHub. Airinmar says they worked with a business intelligence specialist to develop the new reporting tool, AirStat.

AirStat allows users to analyze their internal efficiency as well as supplier performance. In turn, this helps customers to make improved asset management decisions, reduce turnaround times and enhance supplier relationships, says the company.

AirStat combines data visualization, social collaboration and intuitive data analysis into user-friendly dashboards. These dashboards present big data in easily readable charts, tables and graphics.

“We are very excited about being able to provide our customers such a powerful tool that complements our suite of repair management applications,” says Richard Wood, Airinmar account program director. “This new partnership will allow Airinmar to serve information in a relevant and intuitive manner to all users of its systems, both internal and external. We look forward to rolling AirStat out to our customers over the coming months to help them make better, more timely decisions based on the way we’re now able to present real-time data.”

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