AIROD Modernizes Maintenance Management with Maintenix Software

Mxi Technologies announced that AIROD Sdn Bhd (AIROD), a Malaysian MRO company, has gone live with the Maintenix software. With plans for increased capacity and aggressive expansion into the commercial MRO market, AIROD is now well positioned to achieve its organizational and business objectives.

“Although the geographic location and regional infrastructure of Malaysia distinguishes the area as an ideal destination for global MRO, it is the early adoption of new technologies and dedication to best practices that differentiates AIROD from other MRO companies in the Asia Pacific region,” says Edron Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer, AIROD. “As pioneers and leaders in our respective fields, Mxi Technologies and the Maintenix software were the clear choice for supporting our plans for organizational growth and diversification, and our expectations for process efficiency.”

To support both the fleet management and non-fleet managed MRO aspects of the business, AIROD has implemented a comprehensive Maintenix footprint covering the maintenance planning, execution, engineering, and materials functions. Standard functionality within the Maintenix software enables AIROD to benefit from task definition repeatability and complete traceability between planned and executed work. Seamless integration to finance and document management systems further solidifies the move to modern maintenance management and a holistic enterprise.

“Mxi is committed to working with our customers in helping them reach their potential today and well into the future,” says Dave Seibel, president and CEO, Mxi Technologies.

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