AMADA WELD TECH Introduces Compacting Unit for Modular Resistance Welding of Stranded Wire and Cables

AMADA WELD TECH has introduced a redesigned wire compacting unit for its line of modular resistance welders. Ideally suited for stranded wires, the plug and play, ready-to-install modular compacting unit provides precise, fast, and reproducible adjustment after electrode exchange.

This new product replaces the previous open C-frame box type unit, with a unique closed box design that provides maximum rigidity; eliminating any flexing of the unit due to lateral forces. Ball bushes offer precise guidance of the ceramic slide and a new cross roller guide facilitates adjustment of the electrode position.

Featuring fast, precise, and reproducible adjustment of the ceramic and electrode position, using a micrometer screw, operators can now lock the ceramic and electrode position without affecting adjustment. As a result, the adjustment time has been reduced from thirty minutes down to five.

The redesigned unit can be used for numerous process variants, including single compacting, double compacting, single compacting welding, and double compacting welding. It accommodates several unit options, including single closing right or left and double closing. The compacting unit also accommodates such special wire industry requirements as inline feeding, top loading, and front-loading.

The newly redesigned New Horizon modular resistance welder delivers consistent and accurate compacting, thus ensuring part quality, minimal variation, and increased production stability in automotive and electronics applications.

Resistance welding is a thermo-electrical process that uses the principles of Joule’s first law, known as Joule heating. Resistance welding-based compactors use the generated heat and a constantly-applied mechanical force to form the strands into the desired shape. As a result, when compared to the competing ultrasonic methods, the surface of a resistance welded stranded wire is even and not curled. This ensures superior part quality throughout the production process.


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