Ameco Completes Five Boeing 757-200 Conversions

Ameco251Ameco has completed freighter conversion on five Boeing 757-200s in its Chengdu Branch, located in Shuangliu International Airport as of January 2015. The fifth freighter was finished last December and it was also the third aircraft from SF Airlines, a subsidiary of SF Express. The converted freighter shows a good performance in flight test.

It is reported that China air express market will be among the fastest growing segments of the world air cargo market. According to the Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast, world air cargo traffic will grow 4.7 percent per year over the next 20 years, with domestic China expanding 6.7 percent per year. In such a promising market, Chinese express companies are competing on delivery speed and service quality, which accelerate the purchase of their own aircraft for competitive edges, and Boeing 757-200 converted freighter is one of their choices.

In order to following the customers’ needs, Ameco Chengdu Branch developed passenger-to-cargo conversion on Boeing 757-200 in 2014, and completed its first conversion in May of 2014. With a Boeing 757 three-bay hangar and skillful technicians in Chengdu shop, the Boeing 757-200 conversion service has become one of star products in Ameco. Besides conversion, Ameco Beijing Base is capable of providing overhaul on RB211, an engine type powering Boeing 757-200 aircraft. What’s more, Ameco provides line maintenance and components for this aircraft as well.

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