American Airlines Inspects Seats on 47 Aircraft

From a CNN Report

A CNN report states:

“Out of an abundance of caution,” American Airlines said Tuesday it would inspect 47 Boeing 757 airplanes after seats on two of the company’s jetliners came loose.

A Boeing 757 from Boston to Miami carrying 175 passengers diverted to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on Saturday when three seats in row 12 came loose shortly after takeoff. A second American Boeing 757 returned to JFK on Monday morning after a similar seat issue was discovered.

“Originally, American planned to evaluate the seats on eight Boeing 757 airplanes, but out of an abundance of caution, the decision was made to proactively evaluate a total of 47 Boeing 757 airplanes that have the same model Main Cabin seats with a common locking mechanism,” company spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said in a statement.


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