American Fiber and Finishing Introduces the Aerospace Industry’s Only AMS 3819D-Compliant Wiper

American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (AF&F) has introduced the only knit wiper that meets the updated AMS3819D standard. Published by SAE International, AMS 3819D is the aerospace industry quality standard for wipers used for cleaning aircraft primary and secondary structural surfaces. To meet the standard, cloths must meet rigorous specifications and manufacturing requirements.

The wipers are 100% cotton and are Class 2, Grade A, Form 1. They are manufactured in a controlled process and not exposed to potential contaminates like silicone, oils, and grease or made from recycled textiles. The AMS 3819D specification eliminates recycled and reclaimed materials, thus ensuring a clean-wiped surface to which paint will adhere. The standard also requires all materials to be tested, approved and listed on AMS QPL.

“We are committed to maintaining exceptional standards of quality and innovation in the aerospace industry and in all of the industries we serve,” says Paul Robichaud, president and chief quality officer. “Our focus on quality assurance, integrity and innovative R&D have made us a leader in the aerospace wiper industry. The introduction of our AMS 3819D wipers demonstrates AF&F’s on-going commitment to excellence.”

The product is an exact cut wiper, measuring 15” x 15”. The exact cut reduces waste and disposal costs. The AMS 3819D-compliant wipers are available and in-stock immediately to meet the updated standard, which went into effect on July 1, 2020.

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